Get Caught Due To No Business License

There are 8 hawkers nearby Sempalit Market doing business without a valid business license. Some thought they were caught due to running business before 7morning, however the truth is (they have) no license to running a business. A day after, the same 8 hawkers get caught again due to operating their businesses earlier than 7morning. […]

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Shop Under Burglary

There are at least 4 burglary cases in Sempalit HERE. Checking via CCTV, found that the theft is alone and enter premises around 12 to 2 mid night.

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Village Lockdown

Few districts / village are now lockdown for safety


Waiting For The Next Durian

Recent long holiday many durian stalls facing drop in durian sales perhaps due to some reasons behind.

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New Method of Enrollment Program

Traditional Chinese music instrument now comes out with a new method of enrollment by having it openly to the public.

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Nominations, Never Treat as Not Necessary

The nominations issue nowadays shall be treated as priority, we didn’t know what will happen tomorrow.

People&Society Vandalism

Public Park Vandalism

Lack of caring and like to “vandalism” make their own homeland become a dirty place to stay, lack of attraction too. Most of the motorcyclist likes to enter into park and use jogging track as their motor path; such action is actually much selfish and more to vandalism.


Demand More Than Supply

Durian is popular across many Asian countries till the supply isn’t enough. Price is shot up gradually.

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Ensure Things Done Properly

For sharing.


Kong-Fu Kuey Teow đŸ˜‹

If passed by here, can go and eat.