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Seeking Reconsider From Government

Being reported that representative had seeking reconsideration from government in regards to allowing Jinjang market to operate due to current population trend, and no others availability of essential services nearby / within the vicinity.


Ah Keong Bak Kut Teh (亚强生骨煲肉骨茶)

Breakfast HERE for bak kut teh. Pricing is ok👌 also.


Egg Tart

Located somewhere at Jinjang Utara Kuala Lumpur, there is a stall selling nice egg tart with only 2RM each. Location HERE. The corner stall is located opposite of the seafood restaurant (鱼虾蟹海鲜大炒).

Election tinyTan

Some Election Talks Presentation

Passed by here after going night market at Jinjang area so share something whether is true or not is up to yours to judge looking at now government only able to increase the BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia) amount but has never able to reduce the pro-longed burden on citizens such as GS TAX, income […]


Recycles got its specifications too

Here I am sharing something read from SinChew newspaper. Recycling is important nowadays not only by mouth talking only but essentially by action too.

Eating(+Drinks) tinyTan

Dinner At 1Malaysia Roti Canai

Quite a long time didn’t go there today I go there having dinner Roti Canai Telur, Curry Lamb (🍛 🐑), and milk tea pulled. All at 9.50RM