Lunch Time At Kota Bahru

For the very first time we have our lunch time at Kota Bahru this time was due to we have enough time at Kelantan after praying at Gunong / Bachok area. Few places including the Four Seasons Restaurant we searched finally we decided to eat at the Loong Restaurant (龙兴海鲜小厨). This restaurant located at Jalan... Continue Reading →

Ching Bing Festival

This year Ching Bing at Kelantan all of us going to hometown (Kuala Terengganu) before go Kelantan for Ching Bing, for my mum. Location of the temple is HERE, the Ariyakiri Buddhist Temple.

Solution to Kelantan Flood Issues

Government promises to settle the flooding issues at Kelantan, provided they have enough financial, as the 2nd and 3rd phrase will be depend on the coming financial condition. Meaning to say there is no firmed promises as everything still depend on the financial condition which is (shall be) controllable by government. Whether deficit, or surplus... Continue Reading →

No Cleanliness Awareness

Just wondering what happen and why people isn't able to walk few more steps before throwing rubbish. Previously was a small rubbish bin that's why rubbish is flown out so everybody could understand this. City council has sent one bigger going to accommodate larger amount of rubbish, but those / some people doesn't have cleanliness... Continue Reading →

Fainted After Car Accident

Reported that the Malay lady driver accidentally reverse her car and hitting onto 2 cars, in black, refer photo. One of the black car jumped into the corridor due to heavy hit by the driver. Luckily both the black car drivers wasn't there.

Drain Is Blocking

Almost every raining session, there will become a flooding area. The drainage system is block with soil and some other people blocking the drain by other means. Hope people don't simply block the drainage system as this is very important in water flowing especially during raining. State government has deployed people to unlock the drain.

Depending On Pension

Pitiful old man (95) and his daughter (72) both only depending on pension of 1000RM per month which is not enough luckily they no need to pay house rental, however, the house is very "old" too. Monthly minimum basic expenditure hit 600RM for milk powder only. Anyone who wanted to help can contact them.

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