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SinChew Foundation

There are so much of donations being made by SinChew Foundation. So why not if you have some extra, kindly donate it to SinChew Foundation.


Fruits Businesses New Opportunity New Normal

Many people claiming the pandemic causes huge losses in business. However, by turning this threat to an opportunity, the result could be triple better. This is the real case where a fruits business turns his to online business. results is even better than his usual business volume.

Coronaviridae Safety&Security

Don’t Be Too Exposed During MCO

During this MCO Movement Control Order, it is advisable not to exposed your money, or anything related to valuable items, in your bag, in car, or even in your house. Before go out from house, do check around surroundings, while buying something, do always take just enough money or try to use e-wallet whenever possible. […]

Coronaviridae People&Society Safety&Security

Deserted Tourism Spot

Such a deserted tourism spot with few, and masked.


Heading Towards ZERO Rubbish

Happening at Malacca various type of activities going on for awareness of this campaign.