Shall Apply License

Anyone who would like to do business shall apply license this is to ease the authority to monitor and for governing purposes. Many citizens might think that this rules is making them difficult, however the true picture of applying license before doing business, especially the foods and beverages, is ensuring consumers are getting cleaner foods,... Continue Reading →

High Vandalism

See how much "aggressiveness" of the vandalism happened here, perhaps it is due to long period of time (years etc.) no entertainment in this state. For example, cinema is demolished many years ago after some sort of parties is governing the state. Even worst, state government announced that "you can" report to them if found... Continue Reading →

Good And Bad, Smart Phone

Bring widely used the Anbar phone can bring till us a lot of benefits including online purchase, info delivery, traveling sharing info, and etc. However if someone not responsible may just spread the non genuine news or take advantage to seek for fake donations, this can have the bad impact of using smart phone.

2008 Kuala Terengganu

This is the first time where parent-in-law go to Kuala Terengganu with us. They complaint the journey is too far away but finally reached there happily. We checked in the home-stay nearby Ibai golf resort, the house is so big; 60RM for double room, and 90RM for family room. The Chinatown (Kampung Tiong) looks the... Continue Reading →

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