Dinner At FWH, Grandmama’s

After explore the new layout in First World, we finally decided to have our dinner at Grandmama's (摇滚妈妈). Food are overall ok, there is small portion of discount for RW membership. Total spent, 71.10RM for a Char Kuey Teow, Sweet and Sour Chicken Set, and a bowl of chilled mango cream.

First World Genting

Checked in for 3 days 2 nights for FREE room. Depart from home Saturday evening luckily traffic is not contesting. Fill fuel to full tank for 90.13RM Many has been renovated and as usual 24hours ongoing renovations works (庄收) in Genting.

Highway Toll

For sharing. Although highway toll haven't been demolished, but many things had been implemented and cost of living (material price) has been decreasing, purchasing power increased (have more money left), and standard of living is increased as well.

Sunday Walk

This weekend we go to IPC, Ikano Power Center, at Mutiara Damansara HERE, for a walk and visited the Book Fair. Bought few books for all of us. Then have lunch at about 30RM.

Pork Noodle

This is another new place for having breakfast. We come HERE because my wife recommended, she tried it before few weeks ago. Siew Kei Pork Noodle, at Selayang Jaya, go and try it, don't missed it.

D Fortune Western Cruise & Cafe

Today dinner at D'Fortune Western Cuisine & Cafe, located Kepong area, HERE. It is always crowded due to its quality and it is worth to eat compared to many places. We ordered a mushroom soup, lamb chop, chicken chop, spaghetti, and a giant glass of star fruit juice.

Mini Zoo

For sharing. There would be enhancement in mini zoo Taman Teruntum, Pahang, at HERE. Just for additional info whenever trying to search in Chinese words (德伦敦动物园), it brings us to UK. 😂😂😂

The Vespa

The danger of Vespa, and some useful info. Remember, 1 Don't attack Vespa 2 Try not to wear bright and beautiful cloths 3 Don't use perfume 4 Wear long sleeves, pants, and possibly with cap / hat

Friday Lunch Yong Tau Fu

Tried HERE the Kepong Yong Tau Fu located in Rawang, lunch with 2 of my store colleagues. Food here are good taste I recommending it. Also thanks to my Rawang-colleagues whom recommend new place for almost every week.

Turtle Unifi

Being complaint by public about the slowness of unifi, bought package 40mbps but the test speed was only 4mbps. I'm wondering if the mbps is stands for MegaBitsPerSeconds instead MegaBytesPerSecond. Take note that unifi maybe using this method to confuse end consumers.

Earlier Birthday Dinner Treats

My wife likes to eat crab so she found one crabs recommendation over Facebook posting; she decided to go HERE, Restaurant New Kai Seng Seafoods, located nearby Pudu area, Kuala Lumpur. Waiting time during peak hour is about 45 minutes however overall dishes are delicious. Prices are ok, don't worry.

Hit And Run

This morning my wife contacted me that this car, whether is the (car) owner or not, hit and run far far away despite trying to stop the driver. Writing this blog as usual is to keep track and a life record nothing else.

Working OT For The Company

Something urgently needed to be done and both of the "important" export team didn't turn up this evening, hence I will be the one to monitor the export works, together with my 3 store workers. During the evening time, I went to this restaurant HERE for my dinner.

Mini UTC Sentul

Here is one of the many government section that allow most of the public to do government-related transactions such as renewal license, passport, as well as Identity Card application or updates. Went to HERE to replace a new IC with new addresses updates.

Movie At TGV – Free

We got a free cinema voucher for 2, and a regular soft drink upon renewal of membership at 10RM. Therefore I suggested to see this movie, The Leakers, at TGV Metro Prima Kepong HERE. We have our light dinner at Wok SiFu before go to see the movie.

Light Dinner At Wok SiFu

Having a light dinner at Wok SiFu, MetroPrima Kepong, before movie time with wife. All are ok except its HongKong YingYong hot tea. Just a small comment that its HOT mushroom soup is served using plastic bowl instead of glasses-based utensil.

Great Dinner At Rawang

Tonight went HERE, (良成面店) to eat dinner as this place most of its noodle fried are delicious against of what you paid, mostly 6RM per plate (per person). Total we spent are 20RM, 3 plate main course, 1 chinese tea and 1 barley. Checked back this place, and it was actually added by me using... Continue Reading →

Gopeng Dinner

As we couldn't reach home before 8pm, we decided to "source" food now we head to Gopeng, there have one of the famous noodle. Lai Fun, one type of noodle long disappear in Kuala Lumpur. This noodle shop located HERE. Total spent here is 60.20RM + 2RM (additional one bowl of lai fun due to... Continue Reading →

Lunch At Bukit Tambun

Going back after this long holiday might be very frustrated if "hungry" in the highway. We have our lunch at Bukit Tambun area, the Restaurant How Kee Seafood Village at HERE. The introductory "snack" costs you 2RM per plate, and fruits for 13RM, while others in total is 165RM.

Walk Around After Breakfast

We have a great shopping here after breakfast. Jalan Kimberly, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, and its surrounding, are worth to wall around. Fried carrot cake stall location HERE, many people waiting. As well as the slow cooking pan cake. We then walk some more found shop that sells clothing apparel at cheaper price. So don't missed... Continue Reading →

Artificial Drinks

Nowadays artificial drinks or carbonated drinks aren't so expensive as compared to years ago despite now there are 2RM-Store most of it were sold at 2RM per bottle. Just curious and try to find the CHEAPEST price. Get shocked as these items were actually sold at below than expected (to-be the cheapest) price, i.e 2RM.

Dinner Under The BIG Tree

This place is recommended for having great dinner with family and friends. Cooking are delicious and worth for the price too. Location HERE, 海乾大树下海鲜饭店 Weld Quay (Tree Shade) Da Shu Xia Seafood House. Total spent here are 205RM.

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