Get Caught Due To No Business License

There are 8 hawkers nearby Sempalit Market doing business without a valid business license. Some thought they were caught due to running business before 7morning, however the truth is (they have) no license to running a business. A day after, the same 8 hawkers get caught again due to operating their businesses earlier than 7morning. […]

People&Society Safety&Security

Shop Under Burglary

There are at least 4 burglary cases in Sempalit HERE. Checking via CCTV, found that the theft is alone and enter premises around 12 to 2 mid night.


The Vespa

The danger of Vespa, and some useful info. Remember, 1 Don’t attack Vespa 2 Try not to wear bright and beautiful cloths 3 Don’t use perfume 4 Wear long sleeves, pants, and possibly with cap / hat


Giant Bowl Curry Mee 😋

Curry mee.