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Minister Deny, Even Through Been Proven

Different angle different views. Of course, if something which is different from what suppose to do now, public may criticize and if these Ministry making deny and give too much explanations, may lead to even more criticising, they might lost their public trust, lost credibility too.

Coronaviridae Smuggling

Kratom Smuggling

2 guys caught by authorities that smuggling Kratom from Tanah Merah HERE to Pasir Puteh HERE. These guy is using the “Essential Service” granted during MCO trying to pass through the border (road block).

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Red Alert Zone – Kota Bahru

Recently Kota Bahru, major city of Kelantan turns to

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Too Easy In Prevention Covid-19

It is almost a month the virus ¤¤ Covid-19 ¤¤ spreading Malaysia but Kota Bahru (Kelantan state) take it easy by not responsible enough to break the virus infection chain. No social distancing, and no wear face mask.

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To Stop Praying (停止扫墓)

We are as human shall think rationally

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Turtle And Banana

Turtle was so hungry until can’t wait to bite for the banana..

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Loong Restaurant (龙兴海鲜小厨)

For the very first time we have our lunch time at Kota Bahru this time was due to we have enough time at Kelantan after praying at Gunong / Bachok area. Few places including the Four Seasons Restaurant we searched finally we decided to eat at the Loong Restaurant (龙兴海鲜小厨). This restaurant located at Jalan […]

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Lower Priced Basic Necessity

As the election is closer nowadays BN parties come out to sell its name by sponsoring 30 basic necessity items to make its price lower than usual.

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Solution to Kelantan Flood Issues

Government promises to settle the flooding issues at Kelantan, provided they have enough financial, as the 2nd and 3rd phrase will be depend on the coming financial condition. Meaning to say there is no firmed promises as everything still depend on the financial condition which is (shall be) controllable by government. Whether deficit, or surplus […]

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Unorganized Night Market

For sharing. But very curious as no police or related government body take actions against those purposely parked and prohibit people doing business. Such action of putting obstacle is mindless and no moral.