Drunken Driver Kills Police

An Indian driver whom is drunked, kills police during road accident. Additional 4 days detention for further investigation. ☆☆Such a stupid and irresponsible driver knowing that drunk (after drinking beer / wine) will endanger passengers and people on the road, still stubbornly wanted to “drink”!


Service Charges For Employee Provident Fund Investment Lowered

This is somehow good news investment via EPF (Employment Provident Fund) will now enjoyed even lower service charge compared to previous.


Failure, A Success Indeed

This is the new facebook page “Masak Apa Hari Ini Tak Jadi Official” HERE, with nearly 1.6Million members joined within just one week. This page main purposes is to encourage members to share their failure so that one can concentrate and learn from failures, therefore success in just ahead.

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The Importance of Vaccine, Director General of Health

The Director General of Health has reminded that the importance of giving vaccine to child, as Polio is the first case occured in Malaysia since 1992, 27 years ago HERE.

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Rohingya Refugee In Malaysia

Social media have flooded with hateful and angry comment regards Rohingya refugees in lieu of the recent (fake) news that an activist from community demanded they needed to be granted citizenship. Head of The Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organisation Malaysia (Merhrom), denied that he demanded citizenship for the refugees.

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Higher Summon During MCO For Excessive Profit From Business

Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affair (KPDNKK) will be issuing higher summon during MCO for business owner if found to be illegally trade with higher profit. This is to ensure consumer affair protection. For example, those who didn’t display selling price (tag), will be giving summon up to 1,000RM for individual seller, and 2,000RM […]

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Lightning Flood At Subang

According to one of the resident staying at Subang, she highlighted that this is the first time in 50 years flooding with 2 to 3 feet depth. This lightning flood could be due to the incomplete of drain construction nearby, or nearby factories with no drainage system built.


Non Professional Usury

The usury damaging other people’s property when he is not able the fund the target.

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Goldsmith Industry During MCO

During this Movement Control Order (MCO), the goldsmith industry faced low business volume due to gold price hiking up also.

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Cheras Turned To Red Zone, Covid-19

Recently Cheras has turned to Red Zone of Covid-19 infections, active case at 43.