Another Oil Tanker

Just happened yesterday where an oil tanker overturned, and a day after another oil tanker also overturned. Luckily both the drivers are safe. However this overturned didn't create traffic jam since it's turned into the road side. This accident happened at about 64km from the Bentong toll, morning 9 o'clock.

Durian Festival

The durian festival which is held recently is populated with lots of people, durian and fragrant. There are about 10 stalls selling durian, and pricing about 55RM per kilograms. There is not only selling durian but also others like Bentong indigenous. Some did mentioned that the price is too expensive, but there is people buying... Continue Reading →

Full House Hotel

Recent is the sudden surplus durian at Bentong, and this incidentally creates an business opportunities for hotel. Most of the hotel in Bentong are full house, those travelers are mostly come to Bentong for this durian festival.

LED Street Light

LED light is such a bright full, and it is essential to install at some of the darkness area. Brightness is essential especially at outside street, this is also one of the method to reduce criminal, and accidents. Being advised too, those who had private street light please do not simply cut the light, through... Continue Reading →

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