3rd Day Sri Murni Apartment Lockdown, Assistance Arrived, But Complaint

There is so much to complaint from Sri Murni residents, some regarding the unequal amount of food distribution, and even some very angry about being asked to go for Covid-19 test.

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Covid-19 Test At Sri Murni Area

This is day 2 of Sri Murni area lockdown, and it is now starting to test Covid-19 infection. Also authority will be distributing basic necessity.

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Selayang Sri Murni Area, Covid-19

Recent news showing another foreign workers hub, at north KL, most of them working at wholesale market (pasar borong), starting to show symptom of Covid-19 infections. As there is no lockdown in wholesale market, this is the consequences.

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Donation Fake News

Recently there is news over internet saying Zurich Insurance

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MPS Summon Notice E

Take note that this payment for summon notice E, has been postponed to end of April.

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Hospital Selayang Pediatric Section Temporary Closed

Two medical staffs from Hospital Selayang


Mykori Dessert Cafe (美克力甜品咖啡馆)

Coming HERE to enjoy a simple dessert a lots of variety to choose also. Address: 7, Jalan SU 10, Taman Selayang Utama, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.


Carini Food Stations

Such a good place to have dinner at Selayang Jaya HERE. This place for you a great cook food variant mainly chinese and thai cuisine. If you were stop by here Selayang Jaya, you shall not miss this place. Altogether we spent at 91RM. Address: Medan Selera Selayang Jaya, Jalan SJ 5, Taman Selayang Jaya, […]

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Intan Baiduri Park

Improvement on the public park awaiting government to implement it.

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Restaurant & Cafe Paragon 18

Having late dinner here after visiting Batu Caves, the Restaurant & Cafe Paragon 18 here is famous of its 0 (ZERO) added MSG (Ajinomoto). Overall foods are delicious except its omelette (芙蓉蛋) might need some improvement. Location HERE, althrough with its “limited” accessibility, you shall have to go there and try one.