Restaurant & Cafe Paragon 18, Great Place

Having late dinner here after visiting Batu Caves, the Restaurant & Cafe Paragon 18 here is famous of its 0 (ZERO) added MSG (Ajinomoto). Overall foods are delicious except its omelette (芙蓉蛋) might need some improvement. Location HERE, althrough with its "limited" accessibility, you shall have to go there and try one.

Pork Noodle

This is another new place for having breakfast. We come HERE because my wife recommended, she tried it before few weeks ago. Siew Kei Pork Noodle, at Selayang Jaya, go and try it, don't missed it.

Late Dinner

This time come here again for late dinner. 23RM for all you can eat. A spicy hot seafood tomyam, plain rice, pattaya fried rice, red sirap water, nescafe tarik, curry mutton.

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