Ah Loong

So good the Ah Loong banner are destroy however this for me is just a "wayang" (movie) to the public. Actually police can pretend themselves to be a customers of Ah Loong, call them, and make appointment with them, borrow money with them, catch them, etc. But, police didn't.

Health, Reduce Sugar

Nowadays, diabetics quite common and in Malaysia those items that can cause diabetics shall be in control. Reported that about 14,800 people in Pahang, this is about 14.8% of the total population in Pahang.

Unsettled Work Left By Contractor

Happened in Kuantan, the tree-cutting contractor left debris along the road side for about 10 parking space. Debris are left there for 4 days but still haven't had any contractors come to clean it. Many businesses nearby loses due to this as customers can't park their car and might be just go to another shops.

Free Washing Powder

The announced free washing powder at Kuantan is finished within one hour of redemption. Both traditional and E-paper readers come to redeem for the free gift. What's more, the raining weather isn't an obstacle for SinChew readers to come over. I hope there will be other free redemption at other places also.

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