New Year Eve, Lunch At Grand Harbour

Suggested by my wife wanted to go Grand Harbour to have some Dim Sum there. Since haven’t been there also, so can have a try there. Click HERE for their website.

Arrived there the restaurant atmosphere is bright and very cool also. This restaurant seems not an experience enough as waiter and even captain can accidentally bring you wrong food despite you didn’t ordered it. Happened twice, at our table 35, sent us wrong dim sum, which we didn’t order at all.

In the end, there is additional “order” bill on your table, when you asked for billing, they take and counted it as your dishes, only when you insist it’s not yours then they tell you accidentally billed into your table 35.

So just be careful for any “additional” put on your table.

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    • Many staffs there blur blur one, despite talked to them that “bill” wasn’t our one, but still can take it and counted it together. At first was 72RM ++, luckily revert out then we pay ours one.

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