Restaurant & Cafe Paragon 18, Great Place

Having late dinner here after visiting Batu Caves, the Restaurant & Cafe Paragon 18 here is famous of its 0 (ZERO) added MSG (Ajinomoto). Overall foods are delicious except its omelette (芙蓉蛋) might need some improvement. Location HERE, althrough with its "limited" accessibility, you shall have to go there and try one.

Dinner At FWH, Grandmama’s

After explore the new layout in First World, we finally decided to have our dinner at Grandmama's (摇滚妈妈). Food are overall ok, there is small portion of discount for RW membership. Total spent, 71.10RM for a Char Kuey Teow, Sweet and Sour Chicken Set, and a bowl of chilled mango cream.

First World Genting

Checked in for 3 days 2 nights for FREE room. Depart from home Saturday evening luckily traffic is not contesting. Fill fuel to full tank for 90.13RM Many has been renovated and as usual 24hours ongoing renovations works (庄收) in Genting.

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