Sunday Walk

This weekend we go to IPC, Ikano Power Center, at Mutiara Damansara HERE, for a walk and visited the Book Fair. Bought few books for all of us. Then have lunch at about 30RM.

Walk Around After Breakfast

We have a great shopping here after breakfast. Jalan Kimberly, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, and its surrounding, are worth to wall around. Fried carrot cake stall location HERE, many people waiting. As well as the slow cooking pan cake. We then walk some more found shop that sells clothing apparel at cheaper price. So don't missed... Continue Reading →

Artificial Drinks

Nowadays artificial drinks or carbonated drinks aren't so expensive as compared to years ago despite now there are 2RM-Store most of it were sold at 2RM per bottle. Just curious and try to find the CHEAPEST price. Get shocked as these items were actually sold at below than expected (to-be the cheapest) price, i.e 2RM.

Songkran Festival, A Year Ahead

Just check over the internet platform 2019 Songkran Festival flight would be about 500RM per person. Checked Traveloka, base price 498.87RM (with possible PROMO voucher). Google Apps Here. Checked official Airasia, base price 498.91RM. Google Apps Here. Just a reminder if you wanted to book air flight your can use Traveloka to book and input... Continue Reading →

MovieClub Treats

OMG, was thought that the movie club treats shall include some Chinese New Year movies during this festival, however there is none, but 2 Hindu and 1 English were the treats given by TGV, as membership treats. I hope by next year can see the improvement from TGV (Tanjung Golden Village cinema) by offering treats... Continue Reading →

Faber-Castell Multi Purpose Tack

Just went to Popular bookstore at Aeon Metro Prima found the selling price for the promotion items is much more worth compare if you buy at normal item. Promotion item at 3.90RM for a 90pcs + 60pcs, but if you buy normal item it cost you 8.80RM (4.90RM for 90pcs; 3.90RM for 60pcs)

Shopping Notice

For sharing. Anyone looking for furniture or some apparel can buy from AMOffice, and Isetan, as promotion is on going. For friendly reminder, don't over trust of the discount promotion some of the items might be adjusted with higher price, before discount is given.

Shopping At Sogo

Arriving at Sogo about afternoon 2:40 then go to McDonald's at Sogo for late lunch. I buy a sling bag (59.97RM), socks (10RM 3pairs), CNY cloth (20RM), and seat cushion(19.90RM per piece). Then my wife buy her and she also helping her parent to buy things.

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