The Independence Palace – Presidential Office

An office for president.

Quotes from the info board:

“Nguyen Van Thieu was born in year 1923 in Tri Thuy village, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province. He was trained at national officer’s school at Da Lat and subsequently in USA and France.

Having taking part in coup detat against President Diem in November 1963, he made a rapid rise to power, becoming Prime Minister with the associated portfolios of Minister of Defence and National Assembly President, then President of the Southern Republic in 1967.

Thieu wrong to US President on 25 March 1975, appealing for an air assault against the areas under the control of the Vietnamese Revolutionary Forces and for continuing American support for the Southern Republic.

His appeal was rejected. He resigned on 21 April 1975 and then fled the country. He died in Boston, USA, in 2001.”

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