Gopeng Dinner

As we couldn't reach home before 8pm, we decided to "source" food now we head to Gopeng, there have one of the famous noodle. Lai Fun, one type of noodle long disappear in Kuala Lumpur. This noodle shop located HERE. Total spent here is 60.20RM + 2RM (additional one bowl of lai fun due to... Continue Reading →

Lunch At Bukit Tambun

Going back after this long holiday might be very frustrated if "hungry" in the highway. We have our lunch at Bukit Tambun area, the Restaurant How Kee Seafood Village at HERE. The introductory "snack" costs you 2RM per plate, and fruits for 13RM, while others in total is 165RM.

Walk Around After Breakfast

We have a great shopping here after breakfast. Jalan Kimberly, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, and its surrounding, are worth to wall around. Fried carrot cake stall location HERE, many people waiting. As well as the slow cooking pan cake. We then walk some more found shop that sells clothing apparel at cheaper price. So don't missed... Continue Reading →

Dinner Under The BIG Tree

This place is recommended for having great dinner with family and friends. Cooking are delicious and worth for the price too. Location HERE, 海乾大树下海鲜饭店 Weld Quay (Tree Shade) Da Shu Xia Seafood House. Total spent here are 205RM.

Visit Ghost Museum

We walked around in Penang along the way we taken some photos before arriving at Ghost Museum for about 20 minutes. Arrived there about 11.20am we proceed to counter after looking around. There is no many people during the time. Some of the GHOST inside are real (i.e. you yourself, LOL... 😂😂😂) Shared some here... Continue Reading →

Go To Temple After Lunch

After we taken our lunch, we head to Dhammikarama Burmese Temple, HERE, for praying and some photo taking. Thereafter we walked to Wat Chaiyamangalaran (Thai Buddhist Temple), HERE, donate, praying and take some photos. We tried also its coconut ice cream such irresistible.

Lunch At George Town

Ah Lai, we come next time la. We reached there about 12pm yet we have to wait for long so we decided to change our destination. Instead keep waiting at Ah Lai Coffee Shop, HERE, we go to Chew Jetty Cafe, HERE. Ordered chicken rice for 4.50RM only. Wanted to ordered their famous cendol, but... Continue Reading →

On Way To Penang

This is the first time we go Penang during Raya WITHOUT traffic jam. Thanks to the promotion 50% discount having last 2 days. We departed from Rawang at about 5.50am, drive through Serendah Pintas and reach Kerling 6.40am. Kerling shell station full of vehicles. Then we reach at Kampar Medan Selera at HERE, a lot... Continue Reading →

Karak Dinner

Rushing to Karak one of the famous Chinese Restaurant, the Yik Kee Restaurant served various type of dishes. Restaurant closed at 6pm but we reached there about 5.45pm. Location of the restaurant HERE, address No. 22, Jalan Besar Karak, 28600 Karak, Pahang. Total 69RM is quite expensive as we didn't for medium size dishes.

Dinner Before Continued For Night Safari

After visiting the safari park the wild savannah, we proceed for our dinner before continuing the night safari. We had our dinner at Nasi Kukus My Kukus A39 & A41, Jalan Bandar Gambang 1, Pusat Komersial Bandar Gambang 1, Kampung Melayu Gambang, 26300 Gambang, Pahang. Location HERE.

Lunch At Gambang

We have our lunch at Gambang city (is a really small city) after dropped by Caribbean Resort as one of the resort in Gambang Water Park Resort. We can't check in yet as their standard check in time is 3pm. Here we found one locally famous restaurant that we wanted to share here, overall the... Continue Reading →

Bentong Breakfast

We are on way to Gambang Water Park as we depart from our home at 6.20am we reach Bentong for our breakfast at 7.35am at Yuan Ki E Kopitiam. Total 13RM for Chee Cheong Fun 4.30RM for kopi and eggs. At No. 57, Jalan Chui Yin, 28700, Bentong, Pahang. Location HERE.

Lunch Time At Kota Bahru

For the very first time we have our lunch time at Kota Bahru this time was due to we have enough time at Kelantan after praying at Gunong / Bachok area. Few places including the Four Seasons Restaurant we searched finally we decided to eat at the Loong Restaurant (龙兴海鲜小厨). This restaurant located at Jalan... Continue Reading →

Dinner Before Arriving Hometown

We had chosen this favourite restaurant as our tonight dinner. The River Bend Restaurant (河湾海鲜歺厅) location HERE, among the best cheap and delicious. Altogether at 42RM we were served with medium size deep fried egg, 2pcs of its famous crab stuff, and 1 claypot of mutton. Take note that the price shown in the menu... Continue Reading →

On Way Back To Hometown

Departing from Rawang at 3pm evening basically it might takes 4 hours plus to reach hometown. The first traffic jam we faced is at Batu Caves area, along the way to the Shell and Petronas petrol station before the Genting toll. After a while, the next traffic jam is at Genting junction which it takes... Continue Reading →

Betong, Day 2

Arrived at betong, then the first photo we take is the betong clock tower. Many wires but still the tower is admirable. Then at 7.45am (TH) we having some breakfast. There is glutinous rice chicken is rather mini size but taste not bad. About 9.20am (TH) we arrived at Million Flower Garden (万花圆), weather is... Continue Reading →

On Way To Betong

Hidden fees at 20RM lunch, 8RM insurance, and 4RM passport per people, to be payable to Malaysian tour guide. Luckily small kid at 10RM dinner. The lunch is needed to pre book with restaurant at Ipoh while we back from Betong to Kuala Lumpur. Really hope everything fine include to have delicious lunch at Ipoh... Continue Reading →

Arriving Penang

Arriving Penang via the 2nd penang bridge, the Jambatan Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah, our first visit is the Penang War Museum. Arrived there around 12.40pm. There the war museum entrance fee is 20RM per adult and kid for 10RM each. Both rate are for MYcard holder "Malaysian". Luckily this war museum also have the... Continue Reading →

On Our Way To The North

This weekend is rather special as this time we tried to have a sudden holiday without hard time in planning. Say go (holiday) then go (holiday). Happy holiday. We departed from house at 7.30 morning and using the new tallest highway to reach at Tanjung Malim. Along the way road is clear with some traffic... Continue Reading →

In The Departure Hall

Arrive at departure hall and get ready for checked in. Not much problem using traveloka, yet you can enjoy additional discount apart from buying the lowest possible price ticket. Checked in 3 units baggage with less than 30kg in total. After then queue for passport verification, and heading towards to waiting area. Assigned at gate... Continue Reading →

Take Taxi Go To Airport

The Vinasun Taxi, could be the best taxi services I encountered. After we had some tea break at Highland Coffee located at 187 Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam, walking distance about 6 minutes from the Blue River Hotel, we went back to the hotel location to take our checked-out bag, at... Continue Reading →

Visited Tan Dinh Market

Late evening about 7.50pm we visited the Tan Dinh Market (Chợ Tân Định) by taking bus from Co-OpMart (Nguyen Dinh Chieu Co-OpMart). I give 20,000 đ to the ticket seller, and he returns me the balance, one more thing, HCMC citizens are so honest. Good. 3 of us just 6,000 đ only. Nearby there we... Continue Reading →

Same Brand Item – the JAKIM

Visited the supermarket for 2nd times at different branches. This time at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Co-OpMart, found something here where I feel very curious because the same brand item with two different product philosophy. Looks carefully the potato chip packaging, smaller one with Malaysia Halal institution certified, and the bigger one without this. Wondering if... Continue Reading →

On Way Back To HCMC

The 2nd stop is at meal stall with some selling coffees and small eating. We had the stop and we bought something to fill out stomach. Pork Pau at 25,000 đ, Coffee at 30,000 đ, Pan Cake 30,000 đ, Light-Grilled Fish Ball at 20,000 đ per stick. We bring the balance Pan Cake back and... Continue Reading →

The Sinh Tourist Sleeping Bus

Comparatively, the Futa sleeping bus (130,000 đ) is much more better than the Sinh Tourist Sleeping bus (119,000 đ). Please consider to take Futa sleeping bus it is slightly expensive, worth for your 5.5 hours journey. The Sinh Tourist sleeping bus, you don't have enough leg room rest. And very narrow space in normal and... Continue Reading →

Mui Ne Resort

Checked in ok, everything works fine. We booked this triple villa at 146.21RM. The room looks quite small but is clean. Comes with adult and kid swimming pool, and surrounded with natural-looking gardening. Since we arrived there at 12.10pm, we checked in the resort hotel then we go to opposite to have lunch. We ordered... Continue Reading →

On Our Way To Mui Ne

Our journey to Mui Ne starts with a breakfast buffet at Ambassador Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city. After finish the breakfast, we checked out and take Vinasun Taxi to Futa busline feeder stop (opposite the Futa Bus sales office) cost us 30,000 đ. Just a friendly reminder, be sure your taxi driver pronounced... Continue Reading →

Full House Hotel

Recent is the sudden surplus durian at Bentong, and this incidentally creates an business opportunities for hotel. Most of the hotel in Bentong are full house, those travelers are mostly come to Bentong for this durian festival.

HatYai, Day 3

Coming to Day 3 we wake up earlier and go to the famous pork soup rice for breakfast but you have to wait as there is many people actually queuing there, morning. Then we go to the Samila Beach, some sort like a park, you can go around and visit. There we were transfer into... Continue Reading →

HatYai, Day 2

Of course arriving at HatYai early morning via bus, we were there stop by to have some hawker foods and coconut drinks. Then we go to the HatYai MagicEye 3D Museum, inside is very attractive you can take numerous photos after paying the entrance fee. Inside, you can take photos together with polar bear, elephant,... Continue Reading →

Kuching Trip

We travelling to Kuching for 3 days 2 nights. Arrived there then we meet up with our tour guide. There for the 1st day, we are our own-self to walk around before the next day trip arranged by tour guide.    

Pulau Bali, Day 1

Going for the holiday 4D3N Pulau Bali, first time arriving at Indonesia makes so excited. Busy taking photos from departing till arriving, where we departed from Kuala Lumpur at about 3.30 evening. Arriving at Depansar, the Bali airport, about time 7.30 evening. First photo there would be their signboard, "Dilarang Keras Merokok"; which means Prohibited... Continue Reading →

Bangkok Pattaya, Day 4

We were back to the Bangkok and went to Asiatique for some shopping. Asiatique is the combined two of the most popular shopping experiences in the city; a night bazaar and a mall. Some people may call it "Bangkok - The Riverfront". This Asiatique mall is open-air mall, and it is opened in year 2012 after extensive... Continue Reading →

Annual Dinner 2013, Day 2

Day 2 we visited the Maeklong (Train) Station about 9 in the morning. Then walk to the nearby market. Night, and this is the true dinner night we have for all of us. Each of us is performing with no one is left. Thanks for everyone, and enjoying!

Go Singapore

Driving from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore we arrived there for the first time many things we didn't know including customs, etc. Luckily everything went smooth we checked in at Geylang Fragrance Hotel. There we parked our car in the hotel parking then no charges. We travel in Singapore using MRT, first we go to the... Continue Reading →

Check Out From Airport

First after arriving and before we checked out from airport, we take a we-fie (2 persons selfie together), and proceed to very clean bus station, and continue our journey to hotel for check in. The interior view of the bus is so clean and neat, the air in the bus is fresh also not like... Continue Reading →

2008 Kuala Terengganu

This is the first time where parent-in-law go to Kuala Terengganu with us. They complaint the journey is too far away but finally reached there happily. We checked in the home-stay nearby Ibai golf resort, the house is so big; 60RM for double room, and 90RM for family room. The Chinatown (Kampung Tiong) looks the... Continue Reading →

At Penang, Day 3

Day no. 3 we go to nearby temple for praying and seek for health and prosperity. The temple we visited is still under construction work but overall are OK to visit. Believed coming next year onward this temple shall be ready and completed for public. My wife donated some for better luck.

Holiday At Penang

Holiday at Penang for 3days 2nights. Depart from Kuala Lumpur at evening 29 April 2006. Weather is clear and journey is as what we planned. We go to the Monkey garden and many are feeding monkey.

Go Penang Right After Work

I had my work nearly finished and we had planned to go Penang, so my fiancee waiting me at my office, at Apex Office Furniture. We head to Penang right after I finished my work because driving to there needs about 4 to 5 hours including finding hotel to check in.

Cameron Highland

For the 1st time we both at Cameron Highland through the route to destination isn't easy but finally reached there with an overall good weather. We reach there around afternoon on the day if not mistaken we reached there only then look for hotel to stay.

Holiday At Pulau Kukup

Arrived at Pulau Kukup and the air is such fresh you can breath deeply. Pulau Kukup is located at Johore and it is a National Park too. There you can enjoy freshly-made home cook food. Over there you could feel like you entering into a small village but overall are well maintained. At night time... Continue Reading →

Our First Outstation

We went to Tasik Kenyir based on my 2nd brother arrangement. Remembered we were departed early in the morning from Kuala Terengganu before reaching at Jetty in Kuala Berang. We been transferred by speed boat arriving at Tasik Kenyir, an old guy and aunt welcomed us. She will be responsible on all of our meal... Continue Reading →

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