Last Visit In Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC

After buy something at Ben Thinh market, we walked to The Cafe Apartment, for about 12 minutes.

Mid way we go to change currency afraid if it couldn’t enough for the expenses. Bear in mind that our 100RM currency note has more exchange value compared to the 50RM. The 5RM, 10RM, 20RM, has different exchange rate value too.

Then we go to The Cafe Apartment, beside of the entrance is a bookstore. The entrance using lift will have to pay 3,000 đ per person. Otherwise you have to use staircase.

Along the main road walk way (in front of bookstore entrance), there is one lady selling small egg cake and some waffle-looks ratings. That wasn’t the usual waffle, but it is a crispy-style waffle. Small package of egg cake and cripsy-waffle we bought at 30,000 đ.

In cafe apartment, we survey few floors, each units have its own cafe design, very nice and feel comfortable inside, even though outside looks untidy.

We ordered fried spring roll, mango smoothies, and peach green tea (replaced the avocado smoothies we ordered, but not available). Smoothies at 45,000 đ, drinks at 40,000 and spring roll at 80,000 đ.

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