Vietnam Banana (越南香蕉)

In Vietnam, banana is not only “fruit” as most people think about, but it is a vegetable too, which can be cooked and served in varieties. In Simpang Pertang HERE, demonstrated banana can be cooked however this kind of banana is specially brought in from Vietnam, it is not a locally planted banana. Once cooked, this banana is soft to eat and full of nice aroma.

在越南,香蕉不只是一般水果,它,也是一种蔬菜! 煮出来的得是特别好吃,够香,口感与你生吃的不一样。在新邦葫芦顶这里,因亲人与越南人有姻亲关系,带来了越南香蕉,才知道原来那儿的香蕉有所不同。可以生吃,煮熟后,口感更佳!

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