Restaurant Try To Eat Superlicious @ Taman Jati, Rawang (好好吃茶室)

Whether it is delicious 😋, homelicious ☺️, or superlicious 😚, HERE Restaurant TTE Superlicious, has many but not limited to the mentioned below food stalls.

Address: Bt17, 41, 43, Jalan 1b, Taman Jati, 48000 Rawang, Selangor.


#01 Pattaya Fried Rice, RM6.50 only.. ☺️☺️
#20 Butter Seafood Thai Rice, RM7.50
RM10 only, so yummy.. 😋😋
#28 Chicken Marmite RM8, delicious.. 👍👍👍
RM9 😯😯😯
Giant big glass, RM11