Restaurant Uncle 6 Toast Bar @ Pudu, Kuala Lumpur (六叔碳茶)

Looking for appetite breakfast bread toast in Kuala Lumpur? Restaurant Uncle Six Toast Bar at HERE readily serve its signature Uncle 6 Bak Kwa Bread Toast at top perfection, yummy 😋😋😋.

Apart from that, the Uncle 6 Chilli Pan Mee is a must to try, if you like, chili.

For me, I like its “Uncle 6 Chilli Pan Mee Thin Noodle” as the chili flakes that is going to mixed with the noodle, egg, meats, is so perfect that I couldn’t stop it after my first scoop of the noodle.

Of course, very seldom every single dishes in any café we tried could have the best food ever. So I would like to humbly comment that, unless the price isn’t your issue, the 5.50RM of “Black Charcoal Bread Kaya Butter” is a must to try.

Address: 14, Lorong Brunei 3, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.


Charges: 0%

Uncle 6 Chili Pan Mee (Thin Noodle)
Its Signature Kaya Butter Croissant
the “miniature” black charcoal bread
Signature 1+1 (1 + 1 奶茶)
Cham, the hot and the cold