Restaurant Hill View @ Jalan 422, Bukit Fraser (山景中西餐室)

The Hill View Restaurant could be the only one Chinese restaurant in Fraser Hill, and HERE they have variety of food offered. Through it is slightly pricey however taste are delicious too, to some extent 😅😅😅.

For the very first time I ever tried at restaurant that will not be able to provide “garlic” for consumer, perhaps it is sold out? 😀😀😀

I personally recommend its Pork rib with black pepper, very delicious. On the other hand, The RM20 Egg Fu Yong has lots of improvement space, yet to achieved 😅😅😅, which are “only” onion and carrots slice. Really hope it is not cook just for the sake of serving it up.

Oh, about its drinks, if you like lime, can go for Fresh lime juice, which it is genuinely made of fresh lime instead of those fake instant powder.

Address: Puncak Inn, 1, Jalan Genting (422 Road), Bukit Fraser, 49000 Fraser’s Hill, Pahang.

Contact: 09 362 2231

Additional amount needed to be paid: NIL taxes

Pork rib with black pepper
Fresh lime juice 👍👍👍
Only cash is accepted, no E-wallet and no cards

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