Restaurant Sin Ngor Kee @ Pusat Bandar Kubu, Kuala Kubu Baru (新娥记茶餐店)

Being one of the best breakfast spot at Kuala Kubu Baru area HERE Restaurant Sin Ngor Kee has its all from Soy sauce noodle, Curry noodle, Hakka noodle, Western breakfast, to Koay Teow Fried, and Toasted bread.

Price is reasonable and I personally would recommend its Hakka noodle 👍👍👍. Its Curry noodle is nice to try also 😋😋😋.

Address: Pekan Kuala Kubu Bharu, 44000 Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.


Additional amount needed to be paid: NIL taxes

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