Restaurant Mei Gai Hup @ Jinjang Indah, Jinjang (美佳合海鲜饭店)

If you are looking for complete home-cooked dishes in the Jinjang area HERE would be the nice place.

Overall dishes are prepared fast and delicious except for its Taro Ring a.k.a. Yam Basket (佛钵), a bit darken “overcooked” 😃🙂😀.

The Yam Basket is actually a Singaporean dish consisting of a deep fried mashed yam in a ring shape, filled with separately stir-fried ingredients. Originally it was a vegetarian dish, but it is now commonly served with chicken or seafood. Some even come with fried bee hoon noodles.

Address: Jalan Jinjang Indah 9, Jinjang Utara, 52000 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 012 370 1382

Super “Darken” Taro Ring 😊🙂😄

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