Good Wealth 2020 (财神2020)

This year movie, Good Wealth 2020 (财神2020) seems to be one of the most best movie you must see, its movie rhythm made you a laughter, and probably your eyes tear too.

See?? By typing a word “good” in the YouTube, the 1st 2nd results shows the movie name meaning to say “something” ..

The synopsis of the film movie link is HERE.

Will you exchange your good, happy moments and memories for money? Some people full of money, but left nothing except “money”, while some people full of live happiness, but not a “richer”.

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Mamak Batu 18, Rawang

Just told by the boss that every Saturday there is no Dosai, so don’t order Dosai Tissue on Saturday. Here wanted to recommend you indirectly, that its Dosai Tissue is delicious. Mamak Batu 18 located HERE. Its rojak also one of my recommendations. Through price is increased but overall still within affordable range. Ordered small plate of curry lamb, 1 teh tarik, 1 big nescafe, 1 roti kosong, 1 rojak, 1 roti salad. Continue reading Mamak Batu 18, Rawang