Check Out From Airport

First after arriving and before we checked out from airport, we take a we-fie (2 persons selfie together), and proceed to very clean bus station, and continue our journey to hotel for check in.

The interior view of the bus is so clean and neat, the air in the bus is fresh also not like Malaysia buses with lots of “diesel” perfumed air-conditioning buses. Viewing outside from the bus, all roads are well maintained and the seaport, WOW, you can’t just share your words of feeling here. So glamour, their seaport.

In the buses too, passengers and drivers are not allow to “talking” to each other. It is an offense if we / both of us talking to each other. This is very good and this could be one of the reasons why buses in Malaysia would have accidents, “because” drivers talking and talking never fully concentrate on the road.

And here, I would like you to guess where are we arriving at, the country name.