Pulau Bali, Day 1

Going for the holiday 4D3N Pulau Bali, first time arriving at Indonesia makes so excited. Busy taking photos from departing till arriving, where we departed from Kuala Lumpur at about 3.30 evening.

Arriving at Depansar, the Bali airport, about time 7.30 evening. First photo there would be their signboard, “Dilarang Keras Merokok”; which means Prohibited Smoking. This is something different from Malaysia as the word “Keras” is using, “Keras” translated from Malay would mean “Hard”. However in Indonesia it could mean “compulsory”. “Kamar Kecil”, means Toilet.

Looking at the “Free Leaflet” provided, one should know that many visitors are from Russian, Japan, and of course others many countries too.

Then we were directed to the nearby restaurant – Malioboro. There my wife likes the “Sambal Petai”, so she ordered it, at 29,000Rp. Dishes arrived, but is quite a small and tiny.

We then walked around nearby and tour guide sent us to the hotel, checked in at about 11 night.