Day Tour Cu Chi and Mekong

We started our 3th day Vietnam travel log with Full Day Tour Cu Chi Tunnel and Mekong Delta, organized by The Sinh Tourist.

We get ready everything at 6.10am, and walked from Blue River Hotel to The Sinh Tourist Office. Journey takes about 20 minutes.

We get on to the bus and bus departed at 7.10am and heading towards Cu Chi Tunnels, a must-visit historical place. Journey takes about 1-1/2 hour.

Along the way is passing by a chaotic but “charm-ful” traffic, motorcycles a lot, everyone gives way and “drive” very careful on the roads. “Pedestrians” are very safe crossing the road.

Tour guide will collect 110,000 đ per person, and this is to be paid before arriving. Very good tour guide didn’t collect money from us for our one small kid. (Perhaps he’s well understands how hard father and mother earning money for son, as he did explaining and relating it during telling the story of Cu Chi, difference between Mekong and Saigon living style)

We arrived at Cu Chi Tunnel at 8.30am. Served with tea break, apart from walk through the tunnel, we also watch the historical movie before we departed to next destination.

We sit in the bus at about 10.35am and get ready to next destination, Mekong Delta.

Along the way we passed by many small villages, small rivers, and the largest river too.

Also arriving there we saw one type of Vietnamese graveyard; Graveyard in the Rice Field (sorry, photo taken is rather small), Rubber tree farm, and many others natural peacefully scenery.

Just before we arriving to the destination, there is a small quarrel between our tour driver with … that’s takes about 20 minutes in total.

At about 1.00pm, we arrived at Mekong delta. Was being told Mekong delta have 4 famous island with its holy animal names, Phoenix island, Unicorn island, Turtle island, and Dragon island.

There we are served with Vietnamese lunch. We had given tips to Hand-Rowing boat 10,000 đ, some pay 1,000. Bee farm, coconut candies, are all included in the itinerary.

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