The Sinh Tourist Sleeping Bus

Comparatively, the Futa sleeping bus (130,000 đ) is much more better than the Sinh Tourist Sleeping bus (119,000 đ). Please consider to take Futa sleeping bus it is slightly expensive, worth for your 5.5 hours journey. The Sinh Tourist sleeping bus, you don’t have enough leg room rest. And very narrow space in normal and behind 5-sleeping cushion.

The air conditioning in the bus is limited and “warm” temperature. Wind blow at super low speed you wouldn’t feel it after few inch of distance.

On the way back, the 1st stop looks deliberately, bus is fully stop and turn off the air conditioning. All people coming down from The Sinh Tourist sleeping bus are wet sweated and the stop is a grocery shop selling a lot of ice cream and cool drinking.

We bought 1 drinking 16,000 đ, and 1 durian flavor ice cream 19,000 đ. We continue our journey back to HCMC.

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