Mamak Batu 18, Rawang

Just told by the boss that every Saturday there is no Dosai, so don’t order Dosai Tissue on Saturday. Here wanted to recommend you indirectly, that its Dosai Tissue is delicious. Mamak Batu 18 located HERE. Its rojak also one of my recommendations. Through price is increased but overall still within affordable range. Ordered small plate of curry lamb, 1 teh tarik, 1 big nescafe, 1 roti kosong, 1 rojak, 1 roti salad. Continue reading Mamak Batu 18, Rawang

Light Dinner At Mamak Batu 18

Light dinner Roti Jantan – Double egg roti (2 biji telur), Roti kosong, Curry lamb, and 1 Nescafe Tarik. Here I would like to comment that, its Roti Jantan HERE, isn’t worth to eat, other than that should be ok. Its Roti Jantan “double eggs” is actually not an enough double eggs, if really you compare it other mamak stall, roti jantan is a real full egg roti. Altogether 13RM. Continue reading Light Dinner At Mamak Batu 18