On Our Way To Mui Ne, 2

The sleeping bus is very clean and well maintained. Along the way there is some nice scenery, taken some photos, and before arriving at Mui Ne, we had 2 stops, 1 small, and another one is bigger stop, allowing you to order food for simple lunch.

After discussion and we decided to order the pork with duck egg, and white rice. 40,000 đ. For me, this is new and delicious dishes because it serves with duck egg. Its egg is soft, compared to Malaysia salted egg (duck egg), is a bit harder.

We can’t finished it before rushing for the bus, however satisfy with the food just now taken. Just wonder, cashier not allow me to take the receipt otherwise I can snap a photo here.

Sleep in the “sleeping” bus for once, and able to snap a photo at junction before entering Mui Ne. 10 minutes later, we checked in our hotel.