On Our Way To Mui Ne

Our journey to Mui Ne starts with a breakfast buffet at Ambassador Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city.

After finish the breakfast, we checked out and take Vinasun Taxi to Futa busline feeder stop (opposite the Futa Bus sales office) cost us 30,000 đ. Just a friendly reminder, be sure your taxi driver pronounced it correctly our show you the sample money otherwise you could be paying more.

Happened to us that, we asked him how much, he said “Fifty thousand dong”, after I told him I do not have small notes, he said again the same, but his finger shows me “3”. Then, he takes out from his pocket, 3 x 10,000 đ. Yeah, now we understand already, actually was 30,000 đ.

From Futa busline feeder stop to the actual Futa Bus Stop it takes about 15 minutes to arrive.

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